Release and Version History#

x.y.z (Backlog)#

Features and Improvements

Minor Improvements



0.6.1 (2023-10-22)#

Features and Improvements

  • Add Repository.list_artifact_names() and Repository.purge_artifact_versions() methods to both s3_and_dynamodb_backend and s3_only_backend

0.5.4 (2023-10-20)#

Features and Improvements

  • Fix a bug that the s3_only_backend is not able to handle suffix like .tar.gz, .json.gz.

0.5.3 (2023-07-14)#

Minor Improvements

  • add validation to detect if human manually contaminate the artifact S3 dir.

  • add the missing Alias.random_artifact() method.


  • fix bug that sometimes it uses the wrong boto session to get the S3 metadata and S3 last modified time.


  • Update the s3 and dynamodb backend example jupyter notebook.

  • Add s3 only backend example jupyter notebook.

0.5.2 (2023-07-14)#


  • fix a bug that accidentally deleted the get_artifact_s3path API.

0.5.1 (2023-07-14)#

Features and Improvements

  • add S3 only backend in module. It doesn’t require DynamoDB table.

  • the old module is renamed to module. The old API is kept intentionally for backward compatibility. However, it is scheduled to be removed in 1.X.Y release.

  • suggest to use from versioned import api as versioned, then use versioned.s3_and_dynamodb_backend or versioned.s3_only_backend to access the backend.

Minor Improvements

  • improve test for s3_and_dynamodb_backend.

0.4.2 (2023-07-07)#


  • fix a bug that the purge_all method cannot delete DynamoDB items correctly when S3 doesn’t have the artifacts.

0.4.1 (2023-07-07)#

Minor Improvements

  • add versioned.api.Repository.connect_boto_session to public API. it can explicitly connect the S3 and DynamoDB API to the given boto session.

  • removed useless argument bsm in many APIs.

  • add versioned.api.Repository.purge_all to public API.

0.3.3 (2023-07-06)#

Minor Improvements

  • allow user to set a file name extension for the artifact repository via versioned.api.Repository(..., suffix=".tar.gz").

0.3.2 (2023-07-06)#

Minor Improvements

  • now the versioned.api.Repository takes explicit aws_region, s3_bucket arguments in constructor.

  • add versioned.api.Repository.get_artifact_s3path to public API.

0.3.1 (2023-07-06)#

Features and Improvements

  • Created a new public API class versioned.api.Repository, allow developer to customize the S3 bucket and DynamoDB table name backend. So old API are renamed to:
    • versioned.api.Repository.bootstrap

    • versioned.api.Repository.put_artifact

    • versioned.api.Repository.get_artifact_version

    • versioned.api.Repository.list_artifact_versions

    • versioned.api.Repository.publish_artifact_version

    • versioned.api.Repository.delete_artifact_version

    • versioned.api.Repository.put_alias

    • versioned.api.Repository.get_alias

    • versioned.api.Repository.list_aliases

    • versioned.api.Repository.delete_alias

    • versioned.api.Repository.purge_artifact

0.2.1 (2023-07-05)#

Features and Improvements

  • add content_type, metadata, tags arguments to versioned.put_artifact.

  • versioned.put_artifact now will skip uploading to s3 if content is not changed.

0.1.2 (2023-07-01)#


  • rename versioned.api.get_artifact to versioned.api.get_artifact_version.

  • rename versioned.api.list_artifacts to versioned.api.list_artifact_versions.

  • rename versioned.api.delete_artifact to versioned.api.delete_artifact_version.

  • rename versioned.api.purge to versioned.api.purge_artifact.

  • rename additional_version to secondary_version.

0.1.1 (2023-07-01)#

Features and Improvements

  • First release.

  • Add the following public api:
    • versioned.api.exc

    • versioned.api.DYNAMODB_TABLE_NAME

    • versioned.api.BUCKET_NAME

    • versioned.api.S3_PREFIX

    • versioned.api.LATEST_VERSION

    • versioned.api.VERSION_ZFILL

    • versioned.api.bootstrap

    • versioned.api.Artifact

    • versioned.api.Alias

    • versioned.api.put_artifact

    • versioned.api.get_artifact

    • versioned.api.list_artifacts

    • versioned.api.publish_version

    • versioned.api.delete_artifact

    • versioned.api.put_alias

    • versioned.api.get_alias

    • versioned.api.list_aliases

    • versioned.api.delete_alias

    • versioned.api.purge